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"When heart and gifting combine, the effort is multiplied."
- Meredith Mauldin

Songwriting can be super vulnerable. But at the same time, a song has the ability to move hearts like very few other things can do. It’s always a risk… but we believe it’s worth it!


Songwriters Lab exists to pull the heart songs out of worshippers and empower songwriters as we create TOGETHER. From this place beautiful songs are written, there's tons of laughter and the best kind of tears, friendships are formed, and so much more.


If you have been wanting a place to grow your gift and share your heart song, pray about coming to one of our songwriting intensives!



Meredith Mauldin was born and raised in Dallas, TX.  She spent 7 years helping pioneer the worship and songwriting at the UPPERROOM as well as founded their label and publishing company. She has held more than 15 songwriter workshops and events and writes often with other established songwriters and worship leaders. 

Before that, Meredith had been an actress, singer/songwriter and model. She sang in a 16-piece orchestra for 8 years, worked as a voice actor for the last 19 years on Dragonball Z as the popular character Android 18, as well many commercials, movies, and industrial films.


Meredith and her husband have a passion to lead, teach, and empower worship leaders to minister to the Lord as well as song write. 

She is married to Michael Mauldin and has 3 amazing kiddos (Ellia, Jon and Noah Brave).


"Michael and Meredith Mauldin are treasures. They have had a massive influence in shaping the worship and song writing culture at UPPERROOM. They were the keys God used to unlock creativity and confidence in our worship community. God is using them to usher in a (much needed) creative renascence to the nations through the local church.


"I can not recommend them enough as leaders, strategic partners and creative parents to emerging artists, singers and musicians. If you want to establish, grow or mature a culture of creativity through worship and the arts, the Mauldins are your people!! They do this as well as anyone I know."

- Michael Miller

Founder/Executive Pastor at UPPERROOM

Phillip T.

This weekend really was life changing for me. From challenging writing exercises to co-writing sessions that taught me a lot about who I am and how I process inspiration and information from God and other people. I made friends and connections that I believe will last a lifetime and wrote songs that I pray will shift atmospheres.

Brock T.

Everything I learned and experienced was nothing I could imagine. From writing, singing, praying, receiving prayer, learning, eating, and meeting awesome people, it was the best decision I’ve made to be able to start writing and co-writing music! Thank you for a great experience and weekend!

Brittany M.

I was able to take a whole weekend to “wake up” my inner songwriter in the safest space one could imagine. Coming out of the Songlab with 2 full songs was a kick-start to my confidence in myself and my creativity. I left with not only the mentality of “I think I CAN do this after all!” But “I must do this, it makes me come alive!”


Jewl Carney

Jewl Anguay Carney Is a Jesus lover, wife and mother who was born and raised in Hawai’i. Her Stage life includes The 2nd National Tour of Miss Saigon (Kim) and the stage production of The Lion King in which she played Nala. 

Theron Feemster, David Foster, Cee-Lo Green, André Crouch, Tommy Walker and New Hope Christian Fellowship Oahu Music are just a handful of beautiful artists she’s been able to work and write with. 

With her husband and two kids, Michael, Shine and Free she now lives in Thomasville GA. 

Dave Hanley

David is the Founder of Dream Unlimited, a family of companies in music, media, movies and ministry. Despite having many personal accomplishments, over 60 artists, 40 annual re- leases and currently 18 artists on Billboard Radio Charts, including #1 on Billboard, David and his wife Gina have one very focused purpose... to see lives changed for Christ.


David has over 20 years of full time management experience in high-level charitable, non-profit and ministry organizations. He has represented and consulted some of our nation’s largest ministries creating an expansive church network consisting of over 600,000 weekend attenders and over 400 million total combined reach. 

Elyssa Smith

Elyssa Smith is a worshipper and songwriter best known for writing “Surrounded (Fight my Battles)” and worship leading at UpperRoom. She has been nominated for a Grammy and “best worship song of the year” at the Dove Awards but her true passion is to minister to the Lord.


Elyssa has a ton of wisdom and insight to impart to worship leaders and songwriters.

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